Objectives of the Association are to:

  • Provide an organization for the benefit and welfare of all edible oil millers in Malaysia and to promote and protect their mutual interest.
  • Promote mutual co-operation and goodwill amongst members in connection with the industry as a whole.
  • Enable members through the Association to speak with one voice and act with one purpose on all matters concerning the industry.
  • Oppose vigorously any unfair legislation or unreasonable restriction that may adversely affect the industry.
  • Work constantly for the maintenance of fair prices in edible oil and its by-products, and to abstain from unfair and unreasonable competition amongst members.
  • Maintain good relations with other similar bodies and organizations and co-operate with them for the mutual benefits of members.
  • Represent members’ views at meetings of official and unofficial committees, councils or conferences as may be necessary and expedient.
  • To participate in any other lawful activities incidental or conducive to attain any of the above objectives.